The M2 Monsters Are Entering Our Reality

The world has been bombarded by NFT projects in 2022 and many of them turned out to be rug pulls, scams, and quick cash grabs. There have been whispers online of an NFT project referred to as the M2 Monsters. This project has been connected to M2 Cash but still has a lot of mystery behind it.

Workers from Social Bees University have mentioned it on social media. “The M2 Monsters could be the biggest NFT project launch of 2022”, according to a source familiar with the matter. Some recent sightings have been seen around the globe, but only small glimpses of the elusive monsters have been caught on camera.

When Are They Coming?

Where to Find More Info on the Monsters

There still isn’t much information out there online but you can follow the M2 Monsters news on Facebook and Instagram. The world is hoping that these monsters can bring positive to change to the world in a time of economic uncertainty and decline. We will bring you more news about the monsters and M2 as we uncover the truth.

Update August 2nd, 2022

Wow, another sighting of the Monsters right here that you must watch!

Glenn Orth

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