Free Crypto Course Gives Beginners Quickstart to Understanding Blockchain

The sudden rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum has sparked interest in online communities across the globe. Venture capital and private equity companies are starting to look very closely at what’s happening in the cryptocurrency space in order to hedge their bets. Tyler Tysdal, a former venture capitalist turned business broker, has encouraged his followers to take a closer look at this rising industry.

What is Blockchain

People not familiar with blockchain may shy away from investing in something they have no understanding of. Terms like yield farming, liquidity mining, and staking your capital has already brought confusion to the masses. Finding a trusted source of information on cryptocurrency can be difficult with so many unknown people online hyping every new coin. How can a beginner learn about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency? This is where BEES.Social found their niche and has come to the rescue.

BEES.Social Cryptocurrency Community

If someone wants to learn the facts, fundamentals, and latest news in crypto they can now join the BEES.Social online community. What they have been doing is really helpful and truly unique in the crypto industry. They host live weekly calls and give training lessons on different topics. These calls also wrap up with a question and answer session allowing anyone in the audience to bring their questions to the table.

BEES.Social Logo

What is BEES.Social?

BEES.Social is the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) solely focused on empowering people with the education free cryptocurrency course
Vince Wicker and Ray Pepito from BEES.Social

needed to take advantage of the Crypto Revolution. Anyone can join the Crypto BEES Colony by staking in the Hive of their choice.

Everyone involved gains all-inclusive access to a vibrant colony of Crypto BEES that they can participate with to Learn and Earn within the Cryptocurrency Revolution.

Being part of the Crypto BEES Colony will allow anyone to get a first-hand education about Crypto projects through BEES’ unique engagement game called Swarm. Swarm is a total game-changer that permits everyday people an easy way to learn about the Crypto Industry and profit from this Cryptocurrency Revolution.

Every project added to the BEES Ecosystem will be voted in by all the BEES. Projects must convince the BEES in the Crypto Whale Tank that their project deserves to be added to BEES Ecosystem.

BEES With a Creed

BEES.Social has formed a unique set of principles that are based on helping each other.

What is Crypto BEES.Social Oath?

  • B – Bond (We Bond Together)
  • E – Educate (We Educate Each Other)
  • E – Empower (We Empower Each Other)
  • S – Swarm (Then We Swarm Crypto Projects)

Overview of BEES.Social

With people like Elon Musk buying up billions in Bitcoin it looks like it could be here to stay. Gaining an education has now been made simple by BEES.Social and their community of crypto students and teachers.

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