Crypto Daily Enters Exciting New Media Collaboration with PhoenixDAO

Crypto Daily Enters Exciting New Media Collaboration with PhoenixDAO

As one of the leading voices in blockchain and crypto coverage, Crypto Daily continually strives to innovate and form relationships with key players in the space. As a result, the outlet is excited to announce its new media partnership with PhoenixDAO.

PhoenixDAO is a truly decentralized project that revolves around an identity-driven ecosystem. It enables individuals and enterprises to freely build upon its open-source environment and encourages developers to collaborate in a one-of-a-kind project. Through this process, its decentralization, token utility, and overall ecosystem are constantly being enhanced.

By covering these exciting developments through its new media partnership with PhoenixDAO, Crypto Daily is staying ahead of major disruptions and innovative developments in the blockchain scene. This, in turn, allows Crypto Daily to keep its subscriber base of more than two million users informed and up to date.

“Our core mission is to bridge the gap between organisations, users, and enthusiasts,” said Crypto Daily’s founder, Ricco. “Keeping this objective in mind, partnering with PhoenixDAO allows us to help diverse news outreach to the public and give important projects the coverage that they deserve.”

Speaking on this exciting partnership, one of PhoenixDAO’s community members added that the community is “extremely happy that an increasingly popular and well-trusted publication has agreed to make PhoenixDAO its media patron to cover important updates and news stories.”

As Crypto Daily heads forward into this exciting new media partnership, the independent outlet’s journalistic operations remain fair and objective. Crypto Daily is dedicated to the truth and is not influenced or pressured by any of the media patrons it collaborates with. 

“Our new media partnership with PhoenixDAO means that our readers will continue to benefit from the industry-standard reporting that we offer,” added Ricco. “These types of strategic agreements allow us to be the first to report on exciting developments in the space, without compromising the attention to detail and transparency that our audience has come to expect from us.”

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Title: Crypto Daily Enters Exciting New Media Partnership with PhoenixDAO
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Published Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 20:59:45 +0000

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