Bluzelle Announces Mainnet Introduce Date

Bluzelle Announces Mainnet Introduce Date

Bluzelle today announced via Twitter that they will be launching their mainnet on February 3. Bluzelle is a decentralized service provider that allows users to create on-demand, scalable databases for blockchain applications. 

According to the company, the mainnet will “mark the arrival of decentralized storage that can operate at massive scale, with super low latency, and with industry-changing anti-censorship features.”

The Two Successful Testnets Prior To The Mainnet Launch

In July and December of last year, Bluzelle successfully launched two incentivized testnets – Swarm of Duty 1 and Swarm of Duty 2. These testnets were stress-tested and battle-tested for bugs, weaknesses, etc. The Bluzelle community responded enthusiastically by setting industry records with >200 validators choosing to participate. The soft mainnet was launched in August and has already surpassed 2 million blocks.

Mainnet Details

The mainnet is a hardfork from the soft mainnet. All the existing accounts can be ported over transparently. The primary features of the mainnet are as follows:

The validators will win a portion of the fees in each block as block rewards.It will punish malicious validators via a slashing mechanism.A Bluzelle bridge will be implemented, enabling the swap from native BLZ to ERC20 BLZ. This feature will be a manual process upon launch and is eventually going to be automated.The mainnet will provide client support for dApps and other bluzelleDB users.The mainnet will also include BluzelleStudio – a visual data explorer app. It allows BluzelleDB users to manage their data quickly from a web browser or a smartphone.

How Does The Mainnet Improve Upon The Soft Mainnet?

The upcoming mainnet makes several enhancements over the current soft mainnet:

Increased flexibility for validators.Optimized gas algorithms and tax modules have been provided for ideal and fair economic usage.Healthier revenue streams have been built for the community.The overall throughput has been improved drastically with transaction batching support.The Bluzelle Bridge has been considerably enhanced with better security measures.

What Is Bluzelle?

Billed as the “Airbnb of databases,” Bluzelle provides developers with storage space and read/write access to its decentralized database to build their dApps. It is built on the Cosmos blockchain and utilizes a delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) that’s capable of processing 10,000 transactions per second and can interoperate across any chain. 

Following its mainnet launch, Bluzelle will move on to upgrading its industry-first next-generation Oracles and expanding its developer grant program. These unique oracles will be integrated directly into the Bluzelle blockchain and will use a multi-layer mathematical filtering process to provide oracle data feeds.


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Title: Bluzelle Announces Mainnet Launch Date
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